Projectstructure To assess the establishment potential of Scaphoideus titanus in Europe and to develop maps of vine growing areas that are at risk for outbreaks of GFD in the future we applied CLIMEX. Currently, a paper is in preparation. A short summary of the CLIMEX study is given in the file The knowledge and understanding of the biology and the behavior of both, the vector and the disease agent, is essential when planning effective control measures. In the pdf-file, a short summary on the background of the spread model and on its conclusion are given. More detailed information can be found in the scientific paper In the we used a multi-regional input-output analysis (IOA) to determine the economic impact of GFD in South-East and South Styria. A short description of the work and the results is presented here Risk communication was understood as a continuous process of involving different stakeholders into the project. During the project period, issues of the different models were presented and discussed with researchers, decision makers and interest groups at various occasions.  Details on publications and presentations given during the project are presented here
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